Unfortunately I don’t use my youtube channel as a form of income, its purely for entertainment and general care guides to help other growers care for these beautiful little orchids and I personally think adverts spoil the viewing for many people especially when in the middle of a video. If youtube decide to put adverts on my channel “Which they have implied they will” please feel free to skip through the adverts I’m sure hundreds of people already do the same, personally I’m an amateur orchid grower who likes to share my hobby with like minded growers and enthusiasts, lets face it youtube is a free online platform for many video creators who are trying to share their enjoyment with others. Being a huge youtube fan I sometimes think that some creators/channels just do a video for financial rewards and not necessarily in the interest of the viewing audience, I wouldn’t want to find myself in that position. I often think to myself would the channel still be around if it wasn’t receiving cash generated by advertisements?