I must have received 5 phone calls 3 emails today alone, all I can recommend is what I do so I hope it helps. Firstly each morning under these conditions I use a mister and spray everywhere in the greenhouse, I then use a hosepipe (Tap water) and soak the greenhouse floor about five times a day this really helps keep the humidity up and also saves your fogger from being on constantly, I open the door periodically to allow the temps to drop and then close them again I repeat this regular throughout the day I find this works quite well for example if its 28ºc out side you can bet its about 30-31ºc in the greenhouse. My roof opening window vents open once the temps rise this also allows hot air to escape. I added additional fans to help circulate and disperse the heat they’re connected to a timer to come on during the hottest part of the day, you could also add additional shade netting to the greenhouse roof. You may find additional help on the facebook group as I know its a popular topic this month.