Why are my masdevallia leaves wrinkled and partly opened?

It’s what I call pleated leaves and is usually caused by a lack of moisture reaching the growing part of the plant. This can be caused by not watering enough or even watering too much.Check the roots gently tip the plant out of it’s pot and examine the roots, if they are white or tan coloured, firm and spread out around the pot, you’ll need to increase your watering frequency. If the roots are brown and mushy trim them off, repot in new media and reduce your watering frequency.

What can cause my Buds to keep blasting?

There are many causes which can make bud’s blast and I’ve found its usually associated with your own growing environment. Under or over watering, extremes in temperatures can influence developing buds, high light levels can also be a problem so can humidity too dry an air can lead to buds dropping off and of course a poor potting media not allowing the roots to breath being too compacted and finally you may have Botrytis blight you’ll need to research this on the Internet.

Could you explain why my Massie’s leaves are turning Yellow?

This is another question I get asked a lot, I can only answer from my own findings. Firstly older leaves usually turn yellow and fall off this happens around the winter months and should not be a concern. Secondly it could be caused by too much light this also causes yellowing of the leaves, and too little light will make the leaves turn a darker Green and elongated, the ideal would be a nice light Green in colour.Thirdly over watering can also cause yellowing of the leaves, but usually the leaf’s drop before they turn yellow and fourthly, check your roots you may well have a problem with root rot usually caused by being too wet for to long remember they need to be moist at all times and not saturated so review your watering frequency, and finally do you have good air circulation, fans etc. You never said where you grow your Masdevallias?

I have received some terrible plants in the past off eBay would you recommend a good seller?

Like all Masdevallia growers here in the UK we sometimes use eBay and I have to agree there are some dodgy sellers on there, However I wouldn’t normally recommend a seller but I’ve found Spicesotic plants to be reasonable in plant quality, postage and cost, you can view them on their website at or visit there eBay shop at But this is the only seller I would use and recommend. Good Luck with future purchases.

Mick would you buy my collection of Masdevallias?

I’m sorry to hear that you are considering selling off your collection of about twenty Masdevallias due to being unable to get them to bloom, it may well be that you have purchased really young divisions which are not yet blooming size or that your growing conditions are not suitable for them, remembering they are cloud forest dwellers and as such need similar growing conditions, I have emailed you a more in-depth answer, however if you feel that you still want to sell them, yes I would buy your collection.

I bought a M. Coccinea last year, nearly a year ago now and it has not produced any new growth or any flowers can you help?

Whilst in my opinon one of the best Masdevallias it is also one of the least tolerant of heat as it originates at very high elevations, they usually flower late winter & early spring, I would certainly suggest high temperatures are definitely why your plant is not flowering very similar to M. Veitchiana, not being familiar with your growing conditions I would suggest you find the coolest part of your grow space and move the plant out of the heat I would also repot into a new fresh media ASAP. You may get additional help from members of the facebook group ! Try them as well.

How often should I water My Masdevallias?

I get asked this question many times, the only answer I can give you is what I do, summer two or three times a week, winter once a week or longer, its a very difficult question and will also depend on your own growing environment. They should be watered frequently and not be allowed to fully dry out, it also depends on the time of year and the ambient temperatures. A good observation will be if the frequency is correct or requires modification a clear sign is a loss of foliage (leaf drop) would indicate irrigation problems, too much or too little.

How many Greenhouses do you have Mick?

Three in total. One which is my massie house, the second my temperate for my collection of Dionaea Muscipula “Venus fly traps” and all my carnivorous plant seedlings and the third one which I intend to make my Nepenthes House but currently I still use it for my summer tomatoes and chilli plants.