How many Greenhouses do you have Mick?

Three in total. One which is my massie house, the second my temperate for my collection of Dionaea Muscipula “Venus fly traps” and all my carnivorous plant seedlings and the third one which I intend to make my Nepenthes House but currently I still use it for my summer tomatoes and chilli plants.

I’ve noticed you have over 1k viewers now on youTube, why don’t you have adverts to help with finances.

Unfortunately I don’t use my youtube channel as a form of income, its purely for entertainment and general care guides to help other growers care for these beautiful little orchids and I personally think adverts spoil the viewing for many people especially when in the middle of a video. If youtube decide to put adverts on my channel “Which they have implied they will” please feel free to skip through the adverts I’m sure hundreds of people already do the same, personally I’m an amateur orchid grower who likes to share my hobby with like minded growers and enthusiasts, lets face it youtube is a free online platform for many video creators who are trying to share their enjoyment with others. Being a huge youtube fan I sometimes think that some creators/channels just do a video for financial rewards and not necessarily in the interest of the viewing audience, I wouldn’t want to find myself in that position. I often think to myself would the channel still be around if it wasn’t receiving cash generated by advertisements?

Mick what is a Bellavilla?

Bellavilla is a new cultivar of Masdevallia being grown specifically by a german nursery over several years of intense reproduction, in fact its supposed to be a more warm tolerant Masdevallia, so I suspect its a hybrid cross between several warm growers, they say the Bellavilla is more suitable for the home grower similar to a house plant. I assume you have seen one advertised on a European website, and will usually have BV Prefix before its hybrid name.

Can I sell my plants in your shop?

Having read you question (Twice) I think it would be a brilliant idea to allow other growers to sell on my site, Orchid and carnivorous plants related obviously, so I’ve spoken to my friend who designs my website and he will work at adding a UK Sellers page / Free ads to this site and once up and running will be available to viewers to sell their plants and other growing equipment, but they will have to arrange packing and postage direct, they’ll have to provide me with contact details, price and a picture and I will approve the ad and display it on this site, hope that helps.

Thinking about it I’m sure it will help many growers here in the UK now we are no longer members of the EU.

Are you a member of an orchid society?

Having worked away from home for many years before retiring I never found the time to join one, however I do get involved with other Massie growers locally who share the same interests and they are looking at forming a midlands Masdevallia society “watch this space for more info” which would hold four society meetings annually and would be an opportunity for growers to meet up, exchange, and sell their spare plants. I’ll give out full details on my channel and on here when registration is open.

Could I become a Patreon on your YouTube Channel?

Thanks very much for your kind offer of sponsoring my Youtube channel but I’m an amateur grower who creates videos for like-minded growers of this beautiful genus of orchid and carnivorous plants and feel it would be inappropriate to accept funding from youtube viewers, I think I would feel obligated to produce content more regular however you may be interested in buying a small item from the shop under my merchandise for example a coffee / tea mug these small amounts of minimal profit help me purchase new Plants, video and recording equipment, however you may want to donate a small amount each month to help run this website, that really would be appreciated just look under the main Menu for Greenhouse. I hope you understand and once again Thank you for your kind offer.

why don’t you grow other Orchids?

I grow cool to cold Orchids which includes Masdevallia, Dracula’s, Restrepia’s and a few odds as well, I’ve always been interested in Masdevallia and that’s my choice of genus I grow, I love watching other peoples orchids on YouTube, but for me it’s the masdevallia every time they truly are a beautiful little orchid and my wish is for more growers to grow Masdevallias.