Good or Bad Experience with eBay?

by | Sep 2, 2021 | Blog Post, Uncategorized | 5 comments

Have you had a bad experience or can you recommended a seller of Orchids you’d like to share with us all.


  1. Mick Hardy

    I have had several decent orchid purchases from Spicesotic-plants, on eBay.
    I’ve mentioned them before in FAQ’s page.

    • Martin

      Airplane fran is one of the worst orchid sellers on eBay, I’m sure others will agree.

      • Mick Hardy

        Martin, thanks for the warning, I’ve heard that before from a few members of the facebook group, but we all learn in the end but for some it can be a costly experience.

  2. AlastairMc

    I’ve had great experiences with spiceotic and with Falconer1211

    I’ve had some “blunt” messages with Blakessbotanicals1 over a plant that arrived with no roots and was £££

    • Mick Hardy

      Hopefully Alastair we will all lean from each other and make growers aware of who’s the good guys on eBay to buy off.

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