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I’ve just been asked by a viewer to recommend any new Youtube orchid channels so its open to all of you please leave your recommendations in the comments below and we will share them together, and try and get them some additional viewers.


  1. Mick Hardy

    Here we go. 1st three.

    Justin’s Orchids and More!
    Simply Orchids etc.
    What’s up Orchids!

    • Mary

      I’ll check them out I’ve already subscribed to what’s up orchids.

  2. AlastairMc

    I’ve been watching Bennet Riley, Finca Dracula (subtitles needed or ability to speak Spanish) and orchids with Phil (not many videos but they are informative.

  3. Mick Hardy

    Another fairly new channel is Matt’s Plants, videos about carnivorous, orchids and rare tropicals including Terrarium growing. Definitely worth a watch!

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