Amazon Frogbit Live floating plants for Aquarium & Ponds




To help your plants acclimatise to your fish tank / Pond after delivery:

  1. Float your plants (in the tub) for approximately one hour with the Aquarium lights off or a shaded area of your pond.
  2. For the first few days reduce your light intensity or hours your light is on. Aquariums Only
  3. Following these steps will help stop the plant ‘shocking’ and dying due to being in a new environment.

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This Amazon Frogbit has been grown in our greenhouse environment and used in our pond and Fish Tanks you will receive 5 rooted divisions in a small sealed plastic tub.

It has beautiful dark green leaves and one of the most popular floating plants in the aquarium hobby and suitable for a wide range of temperatures from 18-26° Celsius. Amazon Frogbit requires medium to high lighting. The Frogbit floating plants are very hardy and can withstand even poor water conditions. For this species we recommend that lighting should be on 6-8 hours per day. Under the right conditions these plants can grow long roots which are great for shrimp, guppies to hide in.

The leaves can be quite fragile out of water and can snap off quite easily. This won’t kill the plant but may slow the production of new shoots. Because of this, I’ll post in small plastic tubs and boxed.

*This can also be used as a seasonal Pond plant – But will not survive constant temperatures below 10’c*