So What orchid fertiliser are we all using?

by | Sep 4, 2021 | Blog Post | 1 comment

I use Akerne Rain-Mix, this fertiliser is in powder form and was originally designed to be mixed with rainwater or RO water, a personal choice for me.

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  1. csalvage

    Hi I’ve started growing orchids in February 2021 after watching loads of YouTube joined Facebook sites read loads of articles , I myself use Rainmix with RO water I have also used calmag and seaweed extract also an extract of aloe Vera and humic acid , not all at the same time and test my water so it just over 230 ppm and of course just RO water which is about ph 6.2.
    I am an experienced gardener I put myself in the position of what the plant needs so that I give what it looks like it needs, at the moment everything is growing well with lots of new growths but only time will tell .

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