Thank you for creating an account you will now receive a 5% discount off all future product purchases from our on-line shop. Your coupon code will be sent with our welcome email, just add the code to your purchases at check-out. It’s best if you create an account before you place your first order.

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  1. Mary

    That sounds great Mick, looking forward to your new stock update, you certainly know how to look after you’re customers, as you always say “Happy growing”.

      • csalvage

        Nice to have a 5% discount, also looking forward to a updated list.

        • Mick Hardy

          Colin i’m currently trying to update the shop and should have new plants available within the next couple of weeks, as you are now an account holder an email will be automatically sent out to all account holders prior to me announcing on a YouTube video that plants are available to viewers, which gives you an advantage to purchase and of course use your 5% discount.

          • csalvage

            Cheers mick can’t wait.

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